The Art of Photography:Mike Mudd's Learning Log

The Art of Photography:Mike Mudd's Learning Log

Chew your food of course - but NOT THAT MUCH!! ruminations over assignment 5 - Narrative in TAOP

Thoughts and ReflectionsPosted by Mike Mon, July 01, 2013 19:13:11
Now, lesson learned here, whenever you believe something will be a walk in the park.... it WON'T be!!!

For assignment 5 I had a range of different ideas as a narrative project; in my mind therefore I thought I would have it in the bag fairly early. However, there are a plethora of issues with this easy attitude.

1. Too many ideas - all too briefly interrogated.

2. Time is never your ally - ensure you dedicate good time, with time to think about your photography when your at/in the shoot.

3. Addressing a story is one thing, to address it and reflect upon the skills/ learning acquired during The Art of Photography is quite another.

4. Self belief - always lacking and always breeding doubt - conviction and self belief are in my top 5 of things I'm poor at.

5. Editing..... such a slow and arduous process - especially when you lack belief!

6. When shooting, you will have pre-conceived ideas of the result, however when things don't meet your expectations be dynamic - change your idea set and get the best that you can - it may be better that your original idea anyway!

Now I have E-mithered my tutor a couple of times, and indeed have ducked out of a phone conversation with him today, however my issues of deliberation and self doubt are mine and not his, and are an element that I must overcome if I am to be successful as a photographer, photo editor and archivist of my own content.

After having essentially four primary ideas to focus on, the running is now down to two themes. However, at the moment I feel that the content I have from both projects does no reflect well upon the elements I have studied within the chapters of TAOP - i.e. shape and composition, balance/inbalance of shape and colour, contrast and light - while of course narrating and illustrating a story at the same time.

I've been re-editing an arrangement of each of these potential ideas for the assignment all day - I'm stopping now - time for a clear head!

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