The Art of Photography:Mike Mudd's Learning Log

The Art of Photography:Mike Mudd's Learning Log

TAOP Assignment 5 re work after Tutors comments

AssignmentsPosted by Mike Mon, October 07, 2013 14:45:56
This is probably my second last post to my TAOP OCA blog, I am near the point of handing over all the content I have created for this module, for the dreaded formal assessment.
Prior to this conclusion though, is this entry, detailing my reworking of assignment 5 - Narrative and illustration.
My original version of this assignment was heavily critiqued by my tutor Rob, and rightly so to be honest. The first version, listed here reflected my over procrastination with this assignment and I cannot really volunteer and criticism of my tutors comments.

Firstly, my material for the first version was created in one shoot, with no reccy to test the ideas, the lack of scope for the narrative of the story was reflected in this. the images, though some were interesting were either lacking for the story, or were diverting the focus away from the actual subject and lacked an introduction for the main characters. My tutor also advised that I am prone 'to seeing and interpreting too much meaning from my images'. In this second version of the assignment I hope that I have been more true to the story and kept to the needed and necessary content.

Here is the second version of the pseudo magazine narrative which I offer for formal assessment:
The images in sequence are here:

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