The Art of Photography:Mike Mudd's Learning Log

The Art of Photography:Mike Mudd's Learning Log

Photographers rights and subjects rights - the confusion continues

General ReadingPosted by Mike Tue, April 23, 2013 19:16:07 the Right to Photograph, or Not to Be Photographed

An interesting article, with input from Martin Parr, a man whose career has been based upon the candid moment.

I must admit, after photographing a friend at his recent graduation, that I am a little perturbed by the lack of knowledge of both police and security teams at various 'public' venues.

Indeed, at this particular venue I witnessed a security guard question a passing policeman regarding this issue- making note of my presence with two slrs. I find it bemusing that neither had 'the answer' and neither therefore dared to approach me and watched me for a while from a distance.

Laughable though this situation is, it is frightening that the current level of suspicion of photographer’s capturing essentially what is the daily mundane is going to lead to a photographic blackened window on the world, where the only record for the public will be the contrived media of perfect boy bands and pop starlets... the real person will have slipped into obscurity.

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