The Art of Photography:Mike Mudd's Learning Log

The Art of Photography:Mike Mudd's Learning Log

A response to assessment - Assignment 4 Light

AssignmentsPosted by Mike Mon, April 08, 2013 09:57:45

This assignment, to date, has been the most enjoyable, and I admit to being more than pleased with the very positive assessment from my new Tutor.

The assignment gave the opportunity to really ‘get stuck in’ with the subject, and the opportunity to really ‘play’ with the core element in photography – light.

On the back of this work, my tutor has suggested that I follow TAOP with People and Place for my next level 1 module, I agree, and I think the module will be a strong challenge.

Firstly, in response to tutor comments I have selected a few elements which my tutor raised as pointers and/or welcome critique.

1. Shape – Image 1 – clipping of frame to remove arms.

My tutor questioned the framing of this first image (see with the cropping of the subjects arms out of the frame. I admit that it is unusual, and to crop the arms does not fit the criteria for assessment and somewhat disturbs the image. However my choice - subjective at the time intrigued me as the photographer, and I enjoyed the abrupt nature of the frame and the awkwardness it provided. I appreciate that this framing does not fully fit a more regular view of the subject, sometimes I think a little awkwardness is frame can draw a viewer to look at the image more intently.

Shape – Image 2 – shadow in background.

My tutor did appreciate the cinematic feel to this image, and I did too, the choice however is based on my previous versions of this frame, where a more cut out version was presented to the OCA flickr group – I prefer this less clinical version.

2. Form – Image 1 - Again my tutors response to the first image employed as form is very positive in terms of satisfying the requirement, however as a photograph – it is the reflection of the subjects eye from the shadow side of the subjects lighting which helps create a focus point for the image- making for a more interesting photograph.

Form – Image 2 – Again an image received positively and I acknowledge the comments regarding the use of reflectors on the shadow side of the subject to introduce detail. For this shoot had little means of mounting the reflectors I had in the kit – and no glamorous assistant!

3. Texture and Form – Images 2 and 1 Respectively.

For image 2 in texture the only critique was perhaps a little dodging of the eyes to render a focal point – I agree.

Finally, for image 1 in the colour set – yes the framing is a little low, I agree. And in retrospect I think that I left the frame uncropped in any way as at this point in editing, the element of the ‘unusual’ of the subject pervaded my choices – and this odd framing was left unadjusted as a response/result.

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