The Art of Photography:Mike Mudd's Learning Log

The Art of Photography:Mike Mudd's Learning Log

Preperations for TAOP Assignment 4: Light

AssignmentsPosted by Mike Thu, March 14, 2013 09:36:40
I am currently drafting together content for assignment 4, the penultimate assignment in TAOP - The art of Photography, the subject is... LIGHT.

My Flickr set -

contains my drafting ideas.

The essence of the assignment is to prove an understanding of natural and artificial light, to create evidence that suggests the effect of light upon form shape and colour of a subject.

The four subjects are indeed - shape, form, colour and texture.

I do enjoy practicing studio work, and for me there was an opportunity to really play with the subjects I chose with lighting I can fully control, and although I have photographed still life variations on this assignment theme - I wanted to shoot a portrait set to provide a more intense experience for me on shoot, and to hopefully glean a stronger set of images that would be more interesting for my tutor - I have seen a lot of natural light still life images contained in the blogs of previous students of TAOP.

The real vain of this assignment thread is the sculptural effects of light, and this involved the element of subject colour, which by contrast to surroundings does have a sculptural, defining by colour effect. I have given myself the hard task on my still life subject for this -a white toilet roll on a white background, my mantra being that if I can make shapes, form colour and texture from such a mundane subject - then anything is possible!

The hardest element in shooting and editing these images is not the photography itself - it is seperating the four titles so that the intention of the image - i.e. texture stands out from its sister motifs.....

More to come... but here's some inspiration - more for my benefit thatn yours :)

lallisig on flickr

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