The Art of Photography:Mike Mudd's Learning Log

The Art of Photography:Mike Mudd's Learning Log

Tate Modern: William Klein & Daido Moriyama - gallery visit 26th November 2012 - my review

NewsPosted by Mike Tue, December 04, 2012 10:55:01
I didn't read the OCA newsletter mentioning the show until after I had visited, but when I did the first thing that struck me was the headline comments was the same as my notebook entry "The Colour is making the decisions vulgar" This was essentially the parting shot from the Video provided to end the show, quoting Moriyamas thoughts on his persistant non-use of colour.

This parting shot did resonate with my personal take and taste in photography, creating ambiguity, a timelessness and accentuation from the normal scene by disolving the 'normal' colour elements. Indeed, it is the Moriyama content of the show I was most determined to see, however it was the work of Klein which provided the most illumination on the day.

This illumination from Klein's work is provided both by scale and colour when compared to Moriyama. Klein habitually presents his gallery work on a big scale, while Moriyama sticks to a more conventional format akin to the scale of his major personal focus - presenting work as book form. Klein's work literally filled the walls, and though a predominance of black and white exists in his work his artist background shows strongly with a graphical use of framing and mixed media content (paint) to his work to enhance the visual experience and statement.

Moriyama's work appeared more depressive, personal and distal in observation, Klein - perhaps a reflection of his New York background was more aggressive - both in photographic framing, and in presentation, though both works are distinctly urban.

A hugely impressive show, hugely informative and insightful, yet, I will admit a struggle to re create their permanent 'camera in hand' style - though living in a city centre I do try. I am struck by a difficulty to perform such 'street photography' the town I live in feels aggressive in persona to such an invasive activity, whether this reflects the current media demonisation of photographers/photography or a lack of cosmopolitan view in Coventry, a town which is much more local in aspect and less frequented by the camera carrying tourist.

Though a black and white show, there are a number of elements I draw from this experience which have added to my third assignment: colour.

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